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Nested MAMA Baskets

NESTED, Nested MAMA, stratford doula, postpartum support, maternal mental health, wellness

"Imagine how much brighter every new Mother could shine... if she received as much love, care and emotional support... 

as that of her newborn baby"


Aromatherapy Workshops

NESTED, aromatherapy, wellness practitioner, alternative health, stratford doula, infant care, baby

Stay tuned for upcoming Aromatherapy workshops! Some of our favourites are for babies + kids, pregnancy, 

birth + postpartum! 

Check out our upcoming events for alternative health products and services


Mothers Circle

NESTED, stratford doula, breastfeeding support, postpartum, infant care, healing, wellness, holistic

Open to all new and experienced parents regardless of care provider, this is a no charge drop-in happening every Friday morning at 10am 

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