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Motherhood + Movement

Four week session runs Oct 3-24th.
Thursday at 6-7:30pm

Cost for 4 week session is $75 plus HST or drop-in $20 per class

Spaces are limited please use registration link below or send e-transfer to to confirm your spot

NESTED is excited to  offer a  4 week session of Motherhood + Movement classes in our new office location! Falon Martin is a certified Birth &  Postpartum Doula, Theta Healing and Access Bars Practitioner and Doula Instructor who  has been supporting growing families in our community for last five  years. Offering holistic and individualized care, Falon has combined her Dancing For Birth, Spinning Babies, Doula Canada training, with experience and passion for birth into this amazing session!

Don't let the 'Dance' part  intimidate you. Motherhood + Movement classes are unique and interactive, designed to be  informative and empowering both during pregnancy and post-birth.  Offer an opportunity to meet other  expecting parents in the community, feel more energized during your  pregnancy /postpartum and teach natural coping methods. With each class  you’ll learn techniques that support a safer, easier birth, and you’ll  increase your confidence for empowered, enjoyable birth and mothering  experience.

Easy and fun movements are the basis of the classes, incorporating  concepts from around the world! This is the perfect time to connect with  your body and your baby through movement and awareness.  You’ll be  surprised at the numerous benefits for your pregnancy, your birth, your  baby and your postpartum recovery.

* Feel-good movement
* Improve fetal wellness and bonding with baby
* Learn essential birth wisdom
* Learn techniques to facilitate an empowered and easier birth
* Celebration of pregnancy, birth and mothering
*  Meet other new parents in the community
* Bond with your newborn
* Promote gentle recovery postpartum 

Benefits of Dancing For Birth Classes

Interested in learning more about Motherhod + Movement classes in Stratford but not sure you want to  commit to a full session? 

Attend a class as drop in and if you decide to  join for the remaining session your fee will be adjusted. 

Missed classes can be made up during the concurrent session or anytime postpartum with or without your baby!

Fall Drop in Schedule

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Creating circles of support is an important part of the transition into parenthood. NESTED's drop in schedule allows for multiple opportunities for support during the week- to connect with  practitioner, community resources and other families in the community! Schedule runs Sept-December. Classes are designed for new and expecting parents- babies in womb up to 3 years of age. 

*Contact if you would like to try a class with your toddler or older child*

Feeding Support - Monday 1-2:30pm

Bottle or breast this is a relaxing place to rest! Feeding support is an important part of the transition into parenthood, even if your baby is feeding well. Getting support early on can help you gain the confidence to know that baby is healthy and growing.  

Intuitive Parenting- Tues 10-11 am 

This drop-in class offers tips, support and tools to tap into our inner wisdom, connect with our babies and infuse confidence to follow our intuition on parenting. Through guided meditation, downloads and somatic experiencing. Babies + Toddlers are welcome, this may not be the quietest relaxation class you will ever attend but a very real representation of how we can find peace, joy, confidence in the hustle of parenting!  

Tea Time Social- Wed 1-2:30pm 

Bring the community back to parenting with Tea Time Social. The transition into parenthood can be isolating and bring BIG changes to our social lives. Tea time social offers an opportunity to get out of the house and some much needed social interaction at a time that suits your schedule! 

Mothers Circle- Fri 10-11:30am 

Come connect with other mamas of babies 0-1 year - Our weekly class offers opportunities to bond, empower and benefit you and your babies with lots of interaction, touch and love! Each week we will focus on a new topic, provide essential resources, practical tools and take-home care packages to help you gently transition into motherhood. 

*Cost is $10 per class (suggested) or $35 unlimited monthly pass, 6 and 12 month passes also available for greater savings! 


Intuitive Parenting tips for our last session!

October workshops

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Motherhood + Movement Oct 3-24th Cost $75

Stratford doula, pregnancy, prenatal class, prepare for birth, childbirth education

Each session is unique and interactive,  designed to be informative and empowering both during pregnancy and  post-birth. Offer an opportunity to meet other expecting parents in the  community, feel more energized during your pregnancy /postpartum. With each class you’ll  learn techniques that support a safer, easier birth and postpartum recovery. * Registration Required

Paleo Parenting For Birth Workers Oct 3rd Cost $40

Sratford doula, parenting,movement, infant development, postpartum, pregnancy

 Paleo Parenting Workshop for Birth Workers explores development beyond our cultural "norms" by providing information on our mechanical environment and insights that might influence the choices made from womb to infant to toddler.  Workshop is designed for birth workers supporting clients from pregnancy to parenthood. Online webinar link will be sent morning of event and replay link will be sent after live webinar.